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The Art of Making and Keeping Friends

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It seems like everywhere we look, someone is talking about the benefits of friendship. We see it on the cover of magazines in the grocery aisle, hear soundbites from experts on our morning commute, and the topic frequently trends on social media. “Friends make you happier”, “Friends are vital for good mental health”, “Research shows friendships helps you live longer!” That’s all great news, but what if we don’t have a lot of close friendships? What if we struggle to make friends in the first place? What do we do then? Whether you are seeking to understand friendship more, make better friends, or take a hard look at why your friendships aren't as good as they could be, this is the course for you. This course will help you increase awareness of qualities of friendship, identify areas of strength and areas for growth in your friendship qualities, learn to recognize positive traits that make a good friend, provide a step by step guide to approaching new friendships, learn how to maintain friendships over time and recognize when to let go of friendships that are no longer in your best interest. It also includes an entire special topic module devoted to male friendships and some specific challenges and benefits. My goal is to help you not only make new friends and improve upon the friendships you already have, but to also gain all the benefits good friendships have to offer.

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